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May 1


Second in a series set in the fictional town of Bare Ridge, CO, this small town, reverse age gap romance will make you cheer!


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Available Now!

Second Chances
Previously released as Fate Takes a Hike
A small town, second chance romance with some spice about opening your heart to love after unimaginable losses.


Is it possible for two wounded hearts to heal each other?

Widowed Josie returns to her childhood small town in Washington to help her mother save the family business after her father dies. She has to put her sorrow aside and give her young daughter the best life possible. That means there’s no time for dating—not that she has any interest in romance. 

When Jacob’s wife and unborn daughter are taken from him suddenly, he moves to where they planned to build a home and raise a family. It didn’t take long for the ladies to notice the new widower, but dating is the furthest thing from Jacob’s mind. A former soldier and medic, he volunteers where he’s needed. 

Duty brings him to Josie’s side after her wilderness fall. Jacob didn’t plan to rescue a damsel in distress. Neither wants to fall in love.

Combine one small town with two hearts that need healing, mix in a dollop of spice and you have the perfect setup for this second chance romance. Begin reading today!


Bare Ridge

A small town contemporary romance series featuring strong, caring heroes, smart, beautiful, feisty heroines, and heartwarming stories of love, loss, and overcoming obstacles to find your true love.

Available Now!

When Love Comes Knocking

Book one in the Bare Ridge series

Should a lost love be given a second chance? Life was going pretty good for Jake Attwood. He was married to Julia Winston, his high school sweetheart. The family business, a boarding and horse rescue ranch, was successful and he got to work outside with the horses every day. On top of that, he had the most adorable niece in the world. That all ended one Sunday when he came home to an empty house and his wife’s wedding rings on the table. No note, no phone call. Nothing to explain what happened. That's the way the divorce went as well. He never got to talk to or see Julia again, never got a reason for the divorce. Two years later, Jake finally felt like life was looking up again. He was dating, and even though there was still a hole in his heart from his failed marriage, all was going well in his universe. Then the universe started throwing curve balls. First, it was the messy breakup with his unfaithful girlfriend when he found her with his barn manager. Then, a tragic accident took away his sister and her husband, leaving Jake to assume the role of guardian for his niece. But Jake handled these new challenges in stride, never complaining, bolstered by the love of his mom, his friends, and his niece. He had come to realize that life was full of ups and downs, but you just couldn’t let it get you down. So when the knock on the door came one night after dinner, Jake set his beer down and didn’t think twice about answering. When he opened the door, his world fell apart again, as standing on his front porch was his ex-wife. Can a simple man overcome the hurdles that are in the way to give love a second chance when it comes knocking? If you like small-town, second chance romances with heart and a bit of spice, then grab this book and hold on tight!

Coming May 1!

Love's More Than a Number

Book two in the Bare Ridge series

When Kathi Harrison, a 40-year-old widow, jumps back into the dating pool several years after her husband's passing, she doesn't like the swimmers she meets. Much to her dismay, she finds most men her age to be interested in how she can best help them, hoping to use her money and position to improve their own place in life. As the saying goes, “when you least expect it…” and for Kathi, she was totally not expecting it when a new man literally leapt into her life as she strolled through her friend's barn on her way to ride her horse. Mark Danlock was handsome, outgoing, charming. All the qualities one would look for in a partner or lover. His one flaw… he was only 25. While she found him attractive and others encouraged her to pursue him, Kathi’s society friends, not to mention her highly moral boss and brother-in-law, would frown on her dating a younger man. There was just no room for that kind of impropriety at Harrison Enterprises. Kathi resists the magnetic pull towards Mark, insisting to her friends that nothing would ever happen between the two. Until she needs his help for an event she is setting up. With her friends pushing her, she reluctantly asks for Mark’s help and offers to compensate him for lost time, only to be told her money was no good. He would gladly help her and only asked for one simple thing in return. Dinner. With Kathi. Faced with a deadline, she finally agrees to dinner with him, ensuring that he knew it was only as friends. Little did she know what that simple dinner would do to her life! Saddle up with Kathi and Mark on their wild ride towards love with this heartwarming tale of reverse age-gap romance.

Who Is B.D. Storey?


B.D. Storey writes contemporary romances.  His books are varied - small town, second chance, age gap, friends to lovers, and more!  They usually have some spice, and all of them have a story that's sure to warm your romantic heart!


Bob (what the "B" stands for in B.D.) grew up in a pretty typical Southern household. An Army brat, he was born in Germany and spent his formative years moving around the country from post to post, never going to the same school twice until his father's retirement. He was able to stay in one school system from 7th grade until graduation.


A typical teenager of the 70’s, he spent hours playing baseball, tennis, band, and dumping hard-earned quarters into his favorite arcade games. 


He retired from the Air Force in 2000 and began working in the technology department of a local sheriff’s office, from which he will soon retire.


A lover of both PC and console games, Bob has spent many hours immersed in the lands of role-playing and make-believe with friends and family. This is where his love of writing took off as he and his online friends spent hours writing epic tales of fantasy, love, and adventuring. Oh, and dragon slaying. One can’t forget that.


He is married to his best friend and love of his life, Pam. They live on their small ranch/farm in Clarksville, TN, where Pam keeps him busy with the multitude of chores that come with having three horses and four cats. They have three great kids who are the lights of their life. Jill, their oldest and the world's greatest flautist; Scott, a business mogul, supported by his wife Sarah, an awesome teacher in her own rights; and Hannah, their rock-star drummer.


An avid reader, Bob enjoys reading romance, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, and more, spending hours in the tales spun by Abby Jimenez, Meghan Quinn, Grace Draven, Tolkien, Zahn, Weber, and Drake, just to name a few.  


If you enjoyed his books, please be sure to drop him a line using the contact button below!


You can also like and follow Bob on Facebook and Instagram!

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